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Hillside History: A Tiered Garden Inspired by the Past

hillside history A TIERED GARDEN INSPIRED BY THE PAST WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER  PHOTOGRAPHY BY EVA BLANCHARD When Kelly Rivelo purchased her Seattle home, the once-loved garden had been neglected for nearly twenty years. Brick retaining walls and steps built in the 1930s by Dorothy Metheny, the original owner, were crumbling, and ...

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Historical Movers and Shakers in Garden Design

december | january | 2019 plot pioneers Historical Movers and Shakers in Garden Design WRITTEN BY CATRIONA TUDOR ERLER In the fashion industry, styles come and go. Today’s hot look is passé tomorrow and the day after is transformed into retro chic. The same style rules apply to gardens. Throughout the centuries, the trendsetters of ...

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