My Communities

London, Dorchester, Arva, Kilworth, Komoka, Ilderton, Coldstream, Popular Hill, Birr, Lucan, Exeter, Ailsa Craig, Parkhill, Denfield, Elginfield, and Grand Bend, all in Ontario, Canada

I live, work and play in these communities.

Community Information You Need

Do you want to learn more about a particular community? Are you having difficulties figuring out which neighbourhood would be perfect for you and your family? Are you moving out of the area and need information on communities in other parts of the city or country?

Let me provide you with the details.

As a real estate expert, you will be provided with essential insights into various communities to make a more informed decision.


I can get you details about:

  • Type and style of homes.
  • Age of the community.
  • Local amenities such as schools, parks, community centers, etc.
  • Commuting routes and access to public transit.
  • Properties currently listed for sale.
  • General characteristics of the area.

The community you live in is just as important as the home you buy. That’s why I’m committed to helping you make the right choice.

Next Steps?

For information on communities, contact me.