Get Your Asking Price…and More!

Get Your Asking Price…& More!

Fresh eyes! That’s what you need if you want to get your asking price – or more – when it comes time to selling your home.

The way you live in your home is not the way to sell your home!

I’ve seen it before…

All too often, sellers make one of these two mistakes:

  1. They think they don’t need to paint chipped, dingy, unpopular wall colours or replace stained, worn-out carpet. They feel the buyer will probably change it anyways so why should they waste money or time on these updates.
  2. They feel their house is worth more than it really is; after all it’s certainly more valuable to them than the neighbour’s house.

Two different sellers – two different perspectives – two very different results…

Recently, I presented my package to Seller One who baulked at the price I recommended even though I had proof that buyers would only be willing to pay up to a certain amount for their home in their area.  I also gave suggestions for improvements, which they did not approve.  It’s important to note, the seller is ultimately in charge of making the final decisions…so their home was listed at the price they decided upon.  In the end, the property stayed on the market for more than 60 days and sold for $16,000 less than their asking price.

At the same time, another client, Seller Two, listed their home at my suggested price and eagerly jumped all over my suggestions.  They too had wanted a higher price but agreed to trust my expertise.  We marketed the property for only 6 days and sold for $13,000 over list price!

In order to get your asking price – or more – you need to consider the buyer. 

Who is the ideal buyer for your home?  Prepare it so they can imagine themselves in the space.  It’s the details, which are often inexpensive that will maximize your home’s potential, marketability, and price.

My approach has been receiving, on average, over 100% return on list price and homes are selling within 1 to 3 weeks for the past several years.

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