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Here’s One Question You Never Want To Face…

What do you mean it’s not part of the property – who owns the land? 

I’m guessing this may surprise you but it actually happened to a couple of first time home buyers who believed they found the perfect home on their own.  Fortunately for them, they called me before putting in an offer.

John & Mary realized they were out of their element and asked me to view the house and give my opinion.  I could clearly see what had drawn them into the home – it ticked off everything on their wish list.  It seemed perfect.

But when I went back to the office and did a background check on the property, I quickly discovered half the property belonged to the city and was leased by the owner – this included the driveway and garage!  They did not move forward with an offer and I saved them a lot of hard earned money on legal fees as well as mountains of stress down the road.

There is a multitude of complex obstacles you can come up against when buying a home, but when you work with a professional Realtor, those obstacles are commonplace in their world, which can save you time, money, and grief.

The best way I help you, as a buyer, is to listen to what your day-to-day life is like and what your wishes are. 

 You’ll have many questions and ideas and we’ll go through them all, together.  After our initial consultation, I can direct you to options you may not have considered before and keep you “on track.”  Let’s face it…sometimes emotions get in the way.  Here’s an example:

“Diana is truly caring and has our best interest in mind.  We recently looked at a home we both loved but she reminded us to think objectively and that it did not have the space we desperately needed.  She was totally right and we could have made a huge and foolish mistake.  That’s Integrity!”

London, Ontario

And here’s another problem that happens from time to time…

 What happens if the home inspection goes wrong?

Before putting in an offer, I had alerted the buyer to a few red flags I could see but the buyer’s father thought it would be okay so we went ahead. A bidding war ensued.  We won.  But during the first 30 minutes of the home inspection, those red flags turned out to be serious issues. So, we stopped the inspection, I put the paperwork together, and released the deal.  Before the day was over, we found the “perfect” home and several years later the buyer is still happy.

As an accredited Buyer’s Rep Specialist (ABR), I completed the intense training, and with a proven track record of representing the concerns of homebuyers, I obtained this designation.

I offer first time homebuyers seminars throughout the year so you can learn about the process before you are knee-deep in an emotional sale.

Contact me now  to be alerted to the next seminar or to reserve a complimentary 60-minute consultation.

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